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I am an Intuitive abstract artist and to me this means I honor my connection to my higher self and ultimately my Soul during my painting process. The subject, matter, colours, style chooses me in this moment and I am continuously building trust with this way of being and trust in myself to flow through each painting without having any preconceived ideas of the outcome.


British Artist Anupa was born in London, lived the first 4 years of her life in Zambia Africa, and then returned to England where she found her love for Art at the tender age of 5. Having grown up in the countryside of beautiful Kent, Anupa’s passion for Art took center stage of her early childhood right up until the Completion of her

A-levels. Thereafter she completed a Foundation course in Art and Design, and went to University in Manchester to achieve a BA (hons) in Design and Art Direction.

Anupa’s Professional career began as a graphic designer working for a prestigious Design Firm in Kent and worked on designs and exhibitions for Clients such as Disney, NBC Universal, MGM, Sesame street to name a few.


After 5 years of employment, Anupa ventured to Dubai to start her own Business in the Exhibition and Event Industry and opened her own company at the age of 28, called Inspired Design House. After 7 years of successfully operating her business in Dubai, Anupa’s longing to dive back into creating Art was calling her. In 2015, Anupa took brush to canvas once again only to discover the strong desire to create art was still burning brightly with passion. As an entrepreneur running her full time business, Anupa had become a self-taught emerging artist in Dubai and developed her own style of Intuitive Abstract Painting. She has featured 6 Original Canvas Art pieces at Habtoor Palace Dubai Resorts, which was on display for 2 months. Soon after, Anupa was invited to custom produce Canvas paintings to celebrate 120 years of Renault, an event organized by a Dubai based Gallery in association with Al Rostamani Group, where all her pieces were sold during the event. She has featured 15 pieces of work for the ‘Healing with Colours’ Exhibition with Zimzy Gallery on Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai for 2 months. Anupa has recently participated at World Art Dubai 2020 showcasing up to 23 pieces of new artworks, out of which a handsome number of paintings were sold.


Having an Indian background, and having lived the first few years of her life in Africa, Anupa’s love for colour, pattern and texture was apparent and is evident in her work today. Her work is full of vibrant gestures using a wide range of mark making techniques and builds the paintings with layers, transparencies and mixed media to help tell the story of each piece. The majority of Anupa’s work is guided intuitively through trusting the process rather than having an image of the end result in mind to begin with. 




I am an Intuitive abstract artist who loves to create. My creations are expressions of life, knowing, and imprints of my soul. When I create, I allow my analytical mind to take a back seat and encourage my intuitive self to lead the way. 

When I am in this space, I surrender from my thinking mind and a connection to my higher self is made where I am a channel for information to come through. This may come through as a mark, a new colour, and mix of unique colours, a shape, the use of my non dominant hand, a pattern or gesture etc.…whatever wants to come through is welcomed.


I release all judgements and prior experience or knowledge and surrender to the soft guidance that whispers to me with full trust and reverence. What an amazing feeling to know I am supported in such a profound way. The sense of love and gratitude I have for this process is infused into each painting I create.


Each painting tells a unique story, infused with layers of colour frequencies, energy, and high vibrations. Intuitive painting for me is not necessarily knowing exactly how the painting will turn out, but rather it is embedded with intention. Intention that carries Love, beauty, healing, expansion or whatever it may be at the time. When intention is used, I have a sense of purpose and at the same time can let go attachments and allow the guidance to flow in.


This process brings me so much joy and freedom that it is my intention to pass on this same sense of energy to those who adopt a piece. Through the colour vibration that penetrates the viewers eyes and into the mind’s eye, I hope these paintings bring you that same sense of Joy and Love. 


Mark making is one of the first processes of my paintings. This part infuses the piece with a certain vibration. This process does not come from logic, it comes from letting go of what I know and allows me to step into the unknown. Let’s face it, it is here that new and interesting unique things can start to happen. It is also the most freeing and forgiving part of the process. Plus, it eliminates the daunting white canvas staring at you. It is all energy transference. When I start scribbling and most often whilst dancing to my favourite song, I am allowing my body to loosen up and open up the energy within to flow more with ease and grace. Intuitive painting stems from quietening the mind and connecting to intention and ultimately beyond the thinking mind. The only way to do this is to get into the heart space and have fun.


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