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Spirit of a Unicorn

Spirit of a Unicorn

SKU: 303

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

80 x 100cm

Spirit of a Unicorn:

Unicorns are not just for children; they are for everyone. Unicorns help you get aligned with all that is positive in the world and they attract wealth and Good fortune. The wisdom of the Unicorn of one of Purity, innocence and teaches us to see all the magic in the world, to be open to infinite possibilities that are available to us at all times. Spiritually, the Unicorn symbolizes success and you can call upon this energy to bring forth more of this in your life. This particular composition was chosen to emphasize the full flow of the unicorns mane, and for this to take center stage. Lighter colors are used to symbolize purity and magical wonder and to remind us to connect more with our inner child and enjoy life more.

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