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Spirit Of a Gorilla

Spirit Of a Gorilla

SKU: 301

Acrylic on Canvas

80 x 100cm

Spirit of a Gorilla:

This piece was inspired by consciously choosing to focus and capture the essence and expression of the strong presence of the Gorilla.

Bold strong colours, textures and layers has been used on the canvas in order to show case the diverse layers of the Gorilla's Characteristics. Gorilla as a Spirit Guide/totem is full of wisdom. It has the ability to impart positive energies into your life. Those who have a close association with this animal have come to associate it with nobleness. Gorillas are sometimes misunderstood and feared because of their huge size, however this couldnt be further from the truth. This spirit animal is as gentle as it is peaceful.

When the gorilla spirit animal comes into your life, it means that you need to recognize the nobility that exists in you. The gorilla does not hail boastful or prideful behavior. Instead, it reflects calm dignity and quiet honor.

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